Thursday, May 31, 2012

automatic rpm dependencies for dbus services, part deux

In my last related post on the topic, hughsie rightfully suggested that dbus dependencies be scoped system vs session.  So, here we are with an implentation that does
Provides: dbus-session(...)
Provides: dbus-system(...)
for dbus session and system services respectively.


Modulo any bugs or bikeshedding over the particular naming (any suggestions?), I'll stew things over another week or so before sending this upstream for consideration.

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Panu Matilainen said...

Unless you're expecting the -system and -session scripts to grow significantly diffent over time, there's no reason to have separate scripts for them. In rpm >= 4.10 the name-difference can be handled by setting %__dbus_namespace to dbus-session/dbus-system in the respective .attr files. Or if you want something that's compatible with rpm 4.9.x as well, you could allow specifying the desired namespace as an argument to the .prov script in the .attr files.